Have you received a Defect Notice from Endeavour Energy in Wollongong?

  Or are you otherwise concerned about the fire hazard posed by UV damage consumer mains at your Point Of Attachment?

Many customers in Wollongong have received a defect notice from Endeavor Energy stating that the electrical cable between their home and the power lines has incurred UV damage.

The UV damage is caused by ultraviolet radiation from the sun, fading the consumer mains to pink or white and although the cables often don’t look alarming upon casual inspection, when viewed from above where the cables are directly exposed, the cable's insulation is often completely deteriorated, leaving bare copper live, exposed and uninsulated.
Left unrepaired the potential for conductors to short-circuit and cause a fire, particularly during wet weather, is very real.

The good news is that this hazard can easily be addressed by
a trusted ATD Electrician.

In most cases and only where appropriate, ATD Electrical use quality 3M products to re-insulate cables and connections with six layers of amalgamating and UV resistant product avoiding the need for more expensive methods of repair or replacement.  This work is completed without interruption to your power supply.
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